Fight for Democracy Cover

Fight for Democracy

The Anc And The Media In South Africa

264 pages

September, 2012

ISBN: 9781868145683



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Glenda Daniels is a journalist in South Africa and has worked at Amabhungane ( the Mail & Guardian Centre for Investigative Journalism), Right2Know and the Wits Journalism School.

 A scrutiny of the ANC's policy towards the press since 1994.
Fight for Democracy is a penetrating and critical scrutiny of the ANC's treatment of the print media since the inception of democracy in 1994. In this book, Glenda Daniels does not hide behind a veil of detachment, but instead makes a passionate argument for the view that newspapers and journalists play a significant role in the deepening of democratic principles. Glenda Daniels examines the pattern of paranoia that has crept into public discourse about the media and the ANC, and their conflictual relationship. She analyses this fraught relationship through various popular media stories, such as Manto and Mondli, Zapiro and Zuma. Her argument is that there is some hysteria on the part of the ruling party and its allies, for instance the SACP, regarding the media's exposés, which partially rests on the problem of conflating party, state and 'the people'. Daniels presents her argument against the backdrop of the impending clamp down on media freedom, the twin threats of the Protection of State Information Bill (Secrecy Bill) and the media appeals tribunal, both of which, she asserts, signify closures in South Africa's democracy. The book challenges the view held by the ANC that journalists are anti-transformation and that they take instruction from the owners of the media houses; that they are 'capitalist bastards' and 'enemies of the people'.