Stars of the Southern Skies Cover

Stars of the Southern Skies

An Astronomy Field Guide

144 pages

September, 2005

ISBN: 9781868144105


Mary Fitzgerald is a former Director of the Planetarium, Univers ity of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

 A beautiful book dedicated to southern hemisphere astronomy
Few books are devoted entirely to the rich skies of the southern hemisphere. Stars of the Southern Skies draws on the knowledge of South African experts to offer stargazers some unique insights into the night skies in their half of the world. A practical chapter is devoted to choosing an instrument - from binoculars to telescopes - with which to view the moon, the planets and the stars. The beauty and romance of the worlds around our world and the myths that have been created around them are described in one chapter; comets and meteors are detailed in another. A chapter is devoted to the Sun and Moon, a chapter to the planets. A useful appendix details observatories, societies and planetariums where star-lovers can pursue their interest. The text is complemented by superb illustrations - star charts, photographs and graphics - making it a visual delight. This is a book for anybody who has ever gazed in wonder at the glory of a star-filled sky, and a must for all budding amateur astronomers.