Fools, Bells and the Habit of Eating Cover

Fools, Bells and the Habit of Eating

Three Satires

184 pages

January, 2002

ISBN: 9781868143771


Zakes Mda has published 19 books which have been translated into several languages and has won the Amstel Playwright of the Year Award, the Commonwealth Writers Prize, the Sunday Times Literary Prize, the Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Legacy Award and the American Library Association Notable Book. He is Professor of Creative Writing at Ohio University, Director of the Southern African Multimedia AIDS Trust in Sophiatown, Johannesburg and a Patron of the Market Theatre in Johannesburg.

A play about the healing of the soul and land
Cupidity, corruption and conciliation are the themes of the three plays in this collection: The Mother of all Eating, a one-hander, with its central character a corrupt Lesotho official, is a grinding satire on materialism in which the protagonist gets his come-uppance. You Fool, How Can the Sky Fall? is an unbridled study in grotesquerie, reflecting a belief, traceable throughout Mda's work, that government by those who inherit a revolution is almost inevitably, in the first decade or two, hijacked by the smart operators. The Bells of Amersfoort, with its graphic portrayal of the isolation imposed by exile, picks up on the themes of the other two plays but adds to them the concept of "healing," both of the soul and of the land.