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Visionary Animal

288 pages

November, 2018

ISBN: 9781776142262



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Renaud Ego is a French poet, novelist and essayist with a particular interest in poetry and art studies. He has taught at various universities and art schools in France and is the author of numerous works of poetry and fiction. He is a specialist in southern African rock painting and published the monograph San: Art Rupestre d’Afrique Australe (San: Rock Art from Southern Africa) in 2000. Visionary Animal is a translation of his French work L’animal Voyant (2015). Ego lives and works in Paris and visits southern Africa regularly.

This collection of essays on themes such as rain animals and therianthropes focuses on myth and ritual in San rock art.
Visionary Animal details the ancient rock art of southern Africa and the significance of the animals depicted in it. Their significance is emphasized with their frequency and meaning can be found in the relationship of these animals and humans. Visionary Animal explores two fundamental categories of anthropology – myth and ritual which have defined the well-established iconological tradition of San rock art interpretation. This richly illustrated collection of essays explores themes such as rain animals and therianthropes that combine human and animal bodies from this point of view.